Thursday, October 22, 2009

Book marks

I made a couple bookmarks for my kids. I've been busy getting their boxes ready to send. About this time every year I send them a care package. This started during their college years, and one IS still in grad school, but I have so much fun with this I will probably always do it... school or not! Last year I concentrated on Halloween, but this time I have a variety of items. I include some favorite treats, a few things I've made and a gift card. I'll show you my gift cards I made in another post. have a great day!


Gail S. said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful idea! I sent my two older kids that have gone to college care packages but I quit after they graduated. I will have to get some sent to them - boy will they be surprised!!

Stamp and Smile said...

Laurie these book marks are wonderfully designed! Your son and daughter are luck people and sure to enjoy them!! :)

Rebecca said...

These are gorgeous Laurie! I bet that your kids love getting these special packages.