Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

Brent was determined to get this recipe after he had tasted it! One of his co-workers had brought it to the office. {I think he ate most of it himself} I have to say I can understand why. It's delish! I rolled it in pecans and will serve it with graham crackers. It reminds me of chocolate chip cookie dough.....SO good!


Southern Moments said...

mmmmm this sounds yummers...gonna have to steal that recipe.

Rebecca said...

I definitely need to try this, minus the nuts :(

It sounds so good, especially served with graham crackers!

Jackie's Creative Paper Crafts said...

I always follow your blog but seldom leave a comment...promise I will leave more comments...more often! Love your creations! I just posted a recipe for "boiled cookies" on my blog. Sounds diff...but they truly are delicious. You should try them!
I'll be back...take care. Jackie