Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Card Club Night

We had a good time at Card Club this week! A bunch of us {about 20} meet once a month and make cards. We take turns bringing a shoebox. Inside the shoebox are all the materials needed to make a card, and we pay a dollar for each card. We usually make 4 cards. It was also Christmas card exchange, so I have a few extra cards to share with you this time. Not of all of us participated in the exchange, but those who did bring extra, and you can purchase those for a dollar,too. I only had a couple extra dollars along, so I didn't get all of them. {I forgot all about it..bummer!}

The card up above was quite unusual. She braided each deer by hand! I plan to ask for the directions, I think they would be fun to make.

Here are some of the other awesome cards:


Susan (peebsmama) said...

What a great bunch of cards. The woven deer is especially intersting. Looks time consuming. My fave is the last one. Such a pretty and elegant holiday card.

Diane said...

That deer card is awesome, especially displayed with the red berries you have along side it.