Monday, August 25, 2008

The Princess

I am dog sitting for my daughter this week! I picked up little Zoe yesterday and we have been having fun together. She is a miniature Pomeranian. Her feet are about the size of my finger. I love to hold her and prance around the house pretending I'm Paris Hilton! This morning I took her out for a walk and I saw a huge lab running towards us that I had never seen before. He was huge and didn't look too friendly. I picked up Zoe and ran as fast as I could for the house. I didn't know I could run that fast! This could be an interesting week.


Jody said...

Zoe is adorable. However, your story made me laugh. For some reason I think its because the big dog did not get his free breakfast. Have a good week dog sitting and good luck. Oh, and stay away from those big dogs. LOL

Jenny said...

Now THATS one cute dog :) Just remember you will have to give her back! Give her a big kiss for me