Monday, December 22, 2008

What happened to the peanut brittle?

I have to tell you about my peanut brittle this year. I've made it for several years now and like to give it as gifts. It's always turned out so great! I usually make several batches as it is also a favorite of Brent's. But my first batch was a disaster. So I figured I must have measured wrong or something, so I tried another batch. Same thing. It didn't harden. I couldn't figure out what happened so I called Diane. {It is after all her recipe.} She couldn't figure it out either, but did mention if I had used fresh baking soda. I wasn't sure how old it was. But Brent came home and loved the soft brittle anyway. He called it "old man's brittle, easy on the teeth." I just couldn't let it rest so I bought new soda and tried again. THAT was it. I didn't realize how important it is to have new soda. I've decided every Christmas I will just get a new box for holiday baking so I don't go through this again. It really is a simple recipe and USUALLY works perfectly...just make sure you have fresh baking soda! Recipe:
Paper: white, real red,SU designer paper, green
Other: cricut, falala brads

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