Sunday, January 18, 2009

Got any scraps?

I have so many scraps it's starting to bother me...such a waste! I decided to make some tags. Here are a few I threw together. I'm going to challenge myself to make something with scraps once a week in hopes I use alot up. It sure would be nice to have a smaller scrap box. I used to organize my scraps by color in folders, but I have been too lazy to keep it up. I need a day to just reorganize my craft cave I guess, but there's always something better to do. Like right now look at my new SU catty.....


  1. Great idea! I too have a box of scraps sorted into folders by color. It is bulging at the seam, so I should make these. I look forward to seeing other "scrap" projects you come up with!

  2. Great Idea! I feel the same way about fabric! I have started making more quilts with my scraps!

    My little daughter loves my paper scraps!