Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grilling again....

We like to grill year round, but it's been so cold the past few months I haven't felt like it. But it's warmed up again and now I won't freeze my hands to the grill handle, I decided I wanted a good burger. With a good burger topping. I found this recipe in a Taste of Home magazine a long time ago and have been making it ever since. The combo is so tasty and just melts its goodness all over the burger. I have made this with low-fat ingredients on turkey burgers and that's good, too. I think bacon on anything is a winner! OK, I put way to much on top of my burger as you can see...but it was so good!

Paper: kraft, apricot appeal, white, navy, riding hood red

Other: jumbo brads, stickers


outdoorgriller said...

That sounds good I grill during the winter time too and I do it in the rain.If you want more recipes or if you want to take a look at the collection of tips I have for grilling you can visit www.cookingandgrillinoutdoors.com

laurie said...

Hi! I will check out your site for some tips and recipes...always on the lookout for more! laurie