Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This is an easy sandwich I make often to have with soup or a salad. Only a few ingredients and 30 minutes later it's done. You could put any sandwich fillings inside that you prefer. We're a ham and cheese kinda family so I pretty much stick to the recipe. I used my cricut for the flowers on the recipe page...well, actually I took them from a bunch of cricut candy I had stashed. I gave my cricut to my daughter to try out and I think she likes it, so I am going to let her keep it. She does scrap booking so I think she will use it more than I did. I haven't decided if I will get another one for myself or not. Right now I am busy with my stamping!


Rebecca said...

I love your recipe card. Those colors look great together. I'll bet your daughter is loving the much fun!

Jenny said...

Hey mom, YES, I love the cricut! We were at Sams the other day and I spotted a 300 pack of cardstock. It happened to be Valentine's day so it didn't take much to get it into Brian's cart! I ripped it open as soon as we got out of the store and it is the perfect weight for the cricut! It is solid color on one side and design on the other side of each sheet...FUN!

laurie said...

Hi Jenny! I'm glad you like the cricut. The paper sounds great. I'll buy a blade for you that cuts thicker paper, too. Have you seen any cartridges you want? mom