Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August card club

Hi! Last night was our monthly card club. We each take turns bringing a shoebox with all the materials needed to make a card. We pay each person a dollar for the card. Usually we make 5 cards, but last nite we ended up making just 3. We had so much fun and the projects were excellent!

The first card is this window card. When you open the latch it says Happy Birthday inside the window. The window had been embossed for us, so it made the coloring easy. So cute!

Here's the window opened:

This project was a ton of fun! Diane and I liked it so much we made 2 each. It's a little pouch with candy inside and it says," sweet dreams." It's to put on the pillow for your overnight guests. {ok... I ate most of the chocolate so my guests only get one piece..sorry}

This card has alot of possibilities. We enjoyed making it! We took cotton balls and used chalk to make the stripes. We turned it and made the white lines with a blender eraser. We were thinking of other ways we could use this technique,too. I think it would be fun to use a stencil and erase.

That's it until next month..hopefully we will be making our usual 5 cards. Funny thing though...we still had as much fun as when we make more!


Brenda said...

I love the "Sweet Dreams"! Great idea! Your club looks like a lot of fun! The picture on your header is beautiful!

Have a great week!
Best Wishes!

Rebecca said...

I love the pouch with candy! What a fun thing to leave for guests. And the picture you have on your header right now is GORGEOUS!!!! So beautiful.