Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ham Roll Ups

Good morning! The storm may have missed us up here but..the cold sure found us. It's FREEZING. Last nite we woke up to well, it sounded like an alarm. Brent thought it was our septic system freezing so he went out to check. That was he followed the sound to our neighbors new truck. It was so cold the horn went on and would not stop! All nite. He couldn't get it to stop. Really strange!
Today I have a recipe to share that I got from one of my friends. She often uses the spread inside flour tortillas,too, instead of the ham. We gobble them up!

Have a great day!

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Rebecca said...

That makes for a really long night, if it's that cold and the horn is going all night :( When it warms up for you, I hope it does for us, too!

These sound yummy! I like the idea of them inside tortillas, too.