Friday, April 16, 2010

Banana Cream Pie

I love pie...any kind of pie! This is another pie recipe from the recipe book,"Beyond Granola." I have had this pie made with Cool Whip and also made with real whipped cream. Guess which one I prefer? You're right..there really is no replacement for the taste of REAL whipping cream!

This is the same crust I used for the Strawberry Pie I posted last week:

And here is the pie:

Dig in!


Robin Ide said...

Wow, what a wonderful cook you must be---can I come and live at your house? YUM!

Southern Moments said...

Hi Laurie...I have a "Beautiful Blog" gift for you on my site.


bonnie said...

I would love to dig in, this looks delish!! Hugs sweetie! Bonnie x

Rebecca said...

Oh, that looks heavenly! Ever since I was was pregnant with my son, when I eat raw bananas, I get a huge stomach ache! But this recipe is calling out to me to try it!!!!