Thursday, June 17, 2010

Takk for Maten

Last weekend we went to our sons friends wedding in Duluth. It was an awesome wedding, but I have no photos! For some reason my camera just would not work. Bummer. The next day it started to work again, so I do have some photos to share of where we ate.
It's called Takk for Maten..a Norwegian eatery.I couldn't believe I had found such a wonderful place and only a few blocks from our hotel, too! I was SO excited and the menu looked so good. You follow these directiions:
And here is the exceptional food! Hot buttered lefsa..I was in heaven!

If you ever get to Duluth..check it out. It's on Superior Street.

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Maryjo said...

My husband and I go to Duluth alot and we,ve never eaten there. Gonna have to go back and try it out,it looks delicious!