Monday, April 1, 2013

Martha Stewart Easter Bags

For Christmas my son gave me Martha Stewart's Handmade Holiday Craft book. It has pages filled with fun crafts I want to make!

I found the cutest Easter bags to make on page 109. Basically, you use 2 bags. You take the green one and cut it to look like grass, then put the white bag inside it. Then you decorate it. I decided to make a bunch of butterflies and then adhered them to the bags with my glue gun.

No matter how old my kids get, I still give them some candy for Easter! So yesterday I filled these bags with some of their favorites.  I find that no matter how old they are, they STILL are happy to see what I stuck inside! 


Anonymous said...

Such cute bags, I think I'll make those next Easter!

Aileen said...

How cute are these bags?! Great for lots of occasions. x