Saturday, July 13, 2013

Magic masking tape

A few days ago I went over to my friends house to make cards. I always have a great time, and leave with new ideas and inspiration!

This time the girls were into the magic masking tape cards...the tutorial can be found here on splitcoast. I fell in love with it and have been making them ever since. It's really limitless, the color combos and designs one can come up with.

Today I am showing you 2 cards I made using my friends supplies. I'm not sure where the stamps were from, or the colors of ink.

 So pretty!

Watch out...I have a TON more I've made since then that I'll be posting in the future!


Kathyk said...

These blocks of colour are fab, they make for great and trendy cards


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful!

Diane said...

Love the new look on your cards.
Thanks for sharing.