Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Blossom Tags

I told you I like to make tags! Here are some more. I made some cards similar to these that I posted awhile back, and these are made from the scraps leftover from that project. I also used some of the embossing card candy we made over at Peg's last week for the sentiment. I like using up scraps as my scrap box is overflowing! For the past two years I've made all my Christmas tags. It's fun to come up with something different each year. Last year I attached pine cones to all of them and tied them onto the gifts with raffia. I also tied raffia and pine cones on my tree. I'm not sure what I'll do this year...but it'll soon be time to go get a tree! I'm hoping this Friday over Thanksgiving break we will find the time to get it. I'm hoping it's not cold either, so we can hang up our Christmas lights. Every year we say we're going to hang them up early, when it's warmer, but it never happens. So I guess I'll be holding the lights freezing while Brent is on the ladder hanging them. Brrrr.

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Rebecca said...

Your tags are so pretty! I like the idea of pine cones and rafia...very festive!