Monday, December 22, 2008

I made Krumkaka yesterday

Nothin' beats a crisp krumkaka cookie. I love making these. They are alot of fun. I have an old iron that I use and it takes awhile before I get the heat just right and can start cranking them out fast. Mine goes on top of the stove. My friend just got a new double iron that is electric that she really likes. If I made tons of them I might consider getting one. But I just make them at Christmas time and once I get going they are pretty fast. My iron looks like this:

You just drop a teaspoon full in the middle and close the iron. Count to 30 and flip, counting to 30 again. I like mine alittle brown, some prefer them almost white. Then you take them off and roll them around a wooden cone to shape. They look like this:
They're ready to eat! They taste somewhat like a sugar cookie and are a tradition at our house at Christmas.
Paper: white, pacific coast, baja blue, ski slope
Ink: pacific coast
Stamps: Scandinavian season
Other: pearl,glitter pen

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Nancy Riley said...

Boy, are you ever bringing back memories from my childhood! My great aunt made these every Christmas ... absolutely delicous! My mouth is watering!