Sunday, December 21, 2008

I've had a busy day! After my last post, I made some krumkaka and some recipe pages but I don't have them ready to post tonite. Hopefully I'll get them ready for tomorrow. But I will show you what else I did today. I made some centerpieces for the table for Christmas Day.

Then I made a few gift baskets {a BBQ one and 2 movie ones} and gift card bags. In the BBQ basket I put some marinade, BBQ sauce, small cutting board, some cool salt and pepper shakers,and a BBQ towel. Do you remember the BBQ aprons I made on an earlier post? Well I put one on one of the bottles and tucked inside is a gift card for meat. For the movie baskets I put the movie of course, and some of boxes of candy, and popcorn. I wish you could see the tag as I found some neat paper with popcorn boxes on it that I used. But I STILL can't figure out why some of my pictures enlarge when you click on them and some don't. Computers! I need to take some classes! Oh well. The gift cards are ones I posted earlier, too. I stuck them in bags with some candy and socks and then tied them with the striped ribbon and used some of the punched santa tags I posted earlier, too. I had a fun day getting all my last minute things done!

Then I finished my wrapping and put it all under the tree!

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Rebecca said...

Your tree looks so lovely, and so do your centerpieces! You have been a very, VERY busy lady, it looks like.