Friday, January 9, 2009

Just one more....

I can't stop myself! Just one more box, I promise. I think the polka dots and striped ribbon give this a fun look! I plan to save this box idea for next Christmas to put homemade candy in. I think about four pieces in little candy liners would fit perfectly. I really need to get better organized for next Christmas, maybe I should start a file now before I forget where and what all my ideas are. Of course I said last year I would make all my Christmas cards in July and that never happened either!


  1. No, don't stop making these! I love seeing them. Last night I finally put together one with scrap paper to get a feel for the size, etc. It's a great size for a small amount of treats! So keep sharing!!!

  2. You have some really great ideas!! I love visiting your blog to see what you have come up with next!!

  3. Oh my this is just too cute! Would it be too much to ask for a tutorial or templates for your 3D projects?

    Great blog and love your creations!