Friday, June 19, 2009

Circus dogs

Here's another of the "Parade of Recipes" for the 4th!
Well.. I was a bit sceptical about this recipe. My daughter sent it to me and I shoulda known it would be good. But.... the mustard mixed with broccoli slaw turned me off...until I gave them a try. YUM! Unexpected! We really liked these. I, of course had to try a low fat version {using FF dogs and WW cheese, VH bun, precooked LF bacon slices, and LF mayo.} I tried both and they were excellent. I have seen coleslaw on dogs before but never tried it..and never imagined them with the broccoli slaw. She was right though, they were tasty. I'm not a huge mustard lover..but I do like a bit on my dogs so I was worried all the mustard in this recipe would be too wasn't. I liked the crunch of the slaw and the bacon rocked. I will make these again!

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Stamp and Smile said...

YUMMY!! This would be fun to make over the 4th... coming soon! :)