Friday, June 19, 2009

Late Bday present rocks!

Look what I got today!

An old childhood friend of mine stopped by for a visit and brought me a late Bday's the anniversary Barbie! We used to play Barbies ALL the time and had SO much fun together. Needless to say, I love this ROCKS!!!!!!

She is supposed to look 50 years later ...then and now...I don't know...what do you's a close up:

Well, her bust is smaller and her hips wider...she also looks more muscular and in shape to me! I'll have to dig out my original Barbie and compare them!

She looks pretty good to me....


Susan (peebsmama) said...

You still have your original Barbie? I'm impressed. I also played with Barbies when I was about 11 or 12. I don't think I've really looked at one since, but I do think this new Barbie looks less busty than the original version.

Rebecca said...

She does look a little different...but when they say 50 years later....hmmmm, not so sure that's how I'd advertise it. It makes me think of 50 years later in real life! How fun to get to see your friend and have all those fun memories.

Stamp and Smile said...

So fun! I agree more toned and less busty!!