Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Almond Cookies

Yum! I LOVE almond flavor and it certainly shines in these cookies! They are rich, buttery, and have a wonderful texture. I found the recipe while surfing food blogs and couldn't wait to try them. You can read the original recipe here: I used almond instead of lemon..but next time I may try lemon....that sounds good too. I made them to take to work but Brent likes them so much I guess I will have to leave some of them home for him!

Here is the link to the almond cracker recipe I also brought to work:
This is the link to the blueberry dessert:


bonnie said...

Mmmmm Laurie these sound delicious I too like Almond and I like Lemon so I may try them both too when I get a moment! Sweet hugs, Bonnie x

Rebecca said...

Your recipe card looks fantastic! This is one of those times that nut allergies in our house really frustrate me. Because I would love to try these!