Thursday, August 25, 2011

SU workshop

Oh it's been so long since I went to an SU workshop...or held one either! I quit being a demo this winter when I was sick. But, a few days ago I was able to go. It was alot of fun!

Here are the cards we made:

There was alot of talk about this embossing folder from the Designer Frames set. My lighting is so poor on this photo you can't see, but because the folder is so small it leaves lines on the card. If anyone out there has figured out how to emboss without those lines, let me know! The folders are really cute, but hard to use.

We all liked this folder.....called stripes. I loved the colors on this card, too.

I really like this new border just may have to go on my wish list!

Our gift was this cute little purse:

I chose the pool party new favorite color! I LOVE that ribbon too.

And lucky me, my friend gave me this bookmark she made:

I'm so glad I got to go!


Pauline said...

Beautiful cards, you were certainly kept busymin the workshop! I believe the way to get rid of the lines when you emboss is to have a slim 'shim' of paper either side of the embossing plate that is the same thickness as the embossing plate, but I haven't tried it myself as I don't have any srip folders yet!

laurie said...

Thanks...I'll give that a try!

bonnie said...

WOOHOO!! You know I've never tried Stampin Up but I love there stuff! ;) Hugs x

Bonnie said...

These are all great designs. Workshops are so much fun! I've seen a tutorial on using these new EF. I'll email you the link.