Friday, August 26, 2011

Shadow box

I made this shadow box for my daughter for Christmas this year and just found the photos I took. I meant to post it but I never got around to it!

I got all the supplies at Craft Direct in St. Cloud, one of my favorite craft stores.The picture was from a visit to her place last summer with my mother in law. The 3 of us had such a fun girls weekend... I wanted her to always remember it. My only wish was that we had a picture of  all 3 of us...I guess we'll just have to have another girls weekend again and find someone to take one!


Sasha said...

Such a beautiful work of art, Laurie!

PS...I hope that you and your family will not be effected by hurricane Irene, and that you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend x

bonnie said...

Absolutely gorgeous sweetie :) Hugs x

HappyPlaceJen said...

Pretty shadow box, Laurie! I would definitely do anothr girls weekend to get that photo of the 3 of you! :) ~Jen

MaGoooo said...

What a wonderful gift! Your daughter is going to be so happy with this!!

Crafts Direct was one of my FAV places to go when I lived closer!! Haven't been there in a while, but they do have like everything you could want!! Maybe need - LOL