Monday, August 27, 2012

SU workshop

Today I'm excited to show you the cards I made a few weeks ago at a stamp class I went to in Fargo. I had alot of fun and met some great people I hope to stamp with lots in the future!

First of all, though, let me tell you what happened....I got lost.

I was driving around for a half hour, up and down the Red River before I found the place. Then, when I finally found the building, I couldn't find the room. I wandered around the empty, old building wondering if I'd ever find the stampers!

Then I spotted a custodian. He had a good laugh when he heard I was lost...I came in the farthest door possible from where the class was I guess. He took me up stairs, down some stairs, around corners and finally... there it was!

I walked in to a room FULL of stampers! I had no idea there would be that many. It was fun to meet new people. We made 5 different cards, 3 of each.

Here they are:


Diane said...

All great cards and a wonderful story of how you got there too.

Aileen said...

A super set of cards. They all look lovely. Hee Hee on your story sounds like me. x