Sunday, October 26, 2008


When we got up this morning and got ready for church it was really dark when I looked outside. But when we were ready to get our coats on I glanced out the window again and saw this!! WHAT???? I grabbed my camera and took a closer look.

Yes, it was what I thought, SNOW. I guess this is the beginning. Snow. Cold. Ice. It's here already. Winter!

Yesterday we went to Fargo shopping. Yes, I said Fargo, like the movie. I really don't think we sound like that "up here" as they portrayed in the movie. Well, maybe alittle. OK . So my dad and brothers name is Tosten and my uncle was Knute and my grandpa's name was Swen. But I don't really talk that way do I? Whatever. Well, anyway, they have a really great craft store at the Moorhead center Mall called K&K crafts, before you get to Fargo. So of course I had to stop! A gift certificate was burning a hole in my pocket so I needed to use it up. I just about fell over when I saw this: Justrite Stamps!!!! I have been wanting some forever and have been meaning to order some. I can't wait to try them out! I got the baking set, knowing I will really put it to use during the Holidays. What are Justrite stamps? Well here is the website where you can order them. After I figure it all out and play with them, I'll let you know how I like them.

This afternoon I need to get my kids Halloween College care packages ready to send tomorrow. I'll post them tonite, so check back later!

I will DEFINITELY be posting later. Guess who just came to my door? Holly {SU deomstrator} with my new oval punch and.....something she made was inside my bag! I was so surprised! I LOVE it! Thankyou, Holly! I will post it later!


Rebecca said...

Oh, snow!!!! I would have made some hot chocolate, put away my church clothes and gone back to bed ;)

Anonymous said...

Greetings from N.D./Fessenden/ We too had a bit of snow this a.m. on the deck. It looked like I had shook the flour out of the lefse rolling cover. It is soo windy here today, just awful. The three grandkids and their parents, just stopped on way back to Jamestown. Had our picture taken with them by the tree out front. They also took out the pumpkins they had carved over the week-end. Cute... Have a nice warm winter-love your scenery off the deck. / Diane's friend from ND> Now to the lower area to quilt...

Anonymous said...

Your kids halloween care packages look wonderful sure you wouldn't like to adopt me I could be an honorary grandma? Thanks for sharing and yes winter is knocking at our door here too. Ann Lind