Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hey! I changed my blog layout..

Hi! You've probably noticed I have been fooling around with my blog layout and header. Let me explain. The other day a HUGE poinsettia plant was delivered to us. It is absolutely gorgeous, so I took a picture. Then later I checked out Jody's blog and saw that she had a new picture on her header. I love it Jody! It all motivated me to try to learn how to change my header and blog layout. It took me awhile to decide and I ended up going back to my original layout but kept the header with the poinsettia on it. I like it for the Holidays, but I will be changing it come January. I haven't decided if I will go back to my original header then, or try something else again.
It was alot of fun learning how to do it! Of course that meant I didn't get any presents wrapped, goodies baked, or stuff done to post....there's always tonite. NO there's not! Because tonite is Card Club nite! That's right, a month has already passed and it's time once again for club nite. About 20 of us meet once a month and make 5 shoebox cards. We take turns bringing a "shoebox" with all the materials to make a card. We pay each person a dollar to make the card, to cover expenses. It's always fun to see what every one comes up with! I will try to post them Wednesday, so check back!

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Rebecca said...

Hope that your card club is fun. And your new header is beautiful!!!