Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ya, I made the lefsa

This is how I made them:

Yew tak yust ten big potatoes

Den yew boil dem till dar done

Yew add to dis some sweet cream

and by cups it measures vun.

Den yew steal tree ounces butter

and vit two fingers pinch some salt.

Yew beat dis very lightly

if it ain't gude it iss your fault.

Den yew roll dis tin vit flour

and light brown on the stove yew bake.

Now call in all Scandihuvians

Tew try da fine lefsa yew make.

Just kidding! I have a great recipe that I got from my daughters boss that I love. Yes I'm sorry, but I no longer use the recipe I grew up on. I feel like a traitor but I really like this one better. I realize there is a lot of controversy about the right recipe, the right way to roll, which potatoes to use, etc. But i find if you like lefsa, you pretty much eat it however its made! Thick or thin, big or little! Lefsa is an important part of our Christmas, always has been. As a little girl I remember making it with my brothers and sister, mom and dad. It was a family affair and we all pitched in. Of course THEY ate it with lutifisk and melted butter, maybe threw in some cranberries and wrapped it all up in the lefsa. I eat it with just some butter, no sugar either. I guess everyone has their preference. I taught my daughter to make it, who LOVES lefsa. I don't think she would come home for Christmas if I didn't make it! I think we both like to eat it more than make it though. All I know is it wouldn't be Christmas without it. So ya, I made the lefsa!

Easy on the flour,

Fast on the pace,

Or the dough will stick

all over the place.

Roll 'em out thin,

Fry 'em up quick,

With butter and sugar

They'll go down quick!
Check back often the next few days as I will be posting more recipe pages!


Nancy Riley said...

We have always had lefsa at Christmas too! I like mine with butter only, but will occasionally add some jelly. I have never tried to make it myself because I've always had family members who make it and always share! (lucky me!).


diane said...

Love you instructions that go along with the Lefse! It is such a wonderful treat during the holidays. Yours looks wonderful on the plate - where's my 'sample'?

JMS~JOY in the arts! said...

Am I imagining it or is there no trace of this recipe that you commented that you like so much that you cite as having gotten from your daughter's boss and is the one you use now?
Can you share this one also please?

thank you.