Wednesday, January 7, 2009

6" by 6" recipe page Fresh Salsa

This salsa is awesome! If you like cilantro, you'll love this one. I got this from a co-worker and have been making it a regular with us ever since. Brent and I eat it with baked chips. Sometimes we put it on top of our tacos, too. This is very WW friendly and a good way to get in your veggies. I found that you really don't have to follow the recipe exactly-you can add more or less of what you like or have on hand. Just adjust the garlic salt to taste. I make it year round, but of course it is even better with fresh summer produce. I grow cilantro in a pot on my deck in the summers....ahhh...I can't wait for warm weather again!


Paper: white, tempting turquoise, rose red

Ink: yoyo yellow

Other: brad

Stamps:Delight in life

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Rebecca said...

I love cilantro, so this recipe sounds terrific. And your recipe card looks great...I love that flower!