Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm back!

I'm back from the sunny Keys! The weather was great and we had a good time. It was hard to come back and in more ways then one, too! Not only is it too cold -33 {brrrr, so cold our schools are 2 hours late today} but because of a snowstorm our plane was delayed and we barely got home! They closed the Minneapolis airport for a short time. We flew in from Atlanta and were even early, but they wouldn't let us land. The pilot tried twice. Scary! Then they put us on a holding pattern for about 30 minutes. Double Scary! I hate to fly and don't very often, but this was a trip for our son as we were celebrating his graduation from college. A few years ago, when our daughter graduated, we took her on a trip to the Carolina's. So, unfortunately for me, I had to get on a plane AGAIN, for his trip to the Keys. Anyway, I got pretty dizzy from going around and around in the holding pattern. Then the pilot said we were short on gas and headed to Des Moine, Iowa. SO scary! That didn't help my anxiety level at all! Believe me, alot of prayin' was goin' on! About 3 hours after we were supposed to land we finally got to Minneapolis. But no, the story doesn't end there. Not only am I afraid to fly, but I HATE icy roads. The roads were so bad the traffic was backed up bumper to bumper. Black ice. Cars in the ditch everywhere! More scary! We also hadn't eaten since breakfast, which didn't help things! {except for the pretzels they give on the plane} We decided to get out of the cities first, which took a few hours. But God is good! We made it safely home about 6 hours later than normal. Let's see, would I do it again? YES! We had a great time and what a treasure it was to have the 4 of us together for a whole week! I probably won't fly very soon, though....my nerves are shot!


Rebecca said...

WOW! That is my idea of a living nightmare. The last time we drove to visit my parents during winter, there was ice everywhere. I told my husband we'd never drive there again in the winter!

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I just got back from Hawaii and my sentiments are the same as yours!! My daughter had a beautiful wedding, outside. I had a few issues flying too. Left Fargo in a snow storm and they had to deice the plane and plow the runway. We were an hour late, good thing I had three hours in Chic. They took my moisturizer away from me which didn't make me to happy. Mona

laurie said...

Mona,Glad to hear the wedding went well. I was thinking about it just the other day and wondered if you had a good trip!