Friday, January 23, 2009

Simple notecard

Here's a quick and simple note card I made to put with some treats I'm sending my son for Valentines day. Inside it says "Luv You!" I made this with some stamp sets sitting around that I bought at a garage sale last summer that I haven't even tried yet, and I am determined to use them! They have just been sitting there getting dusty on my shelf. So I used one called Sweet and Simple for the square border on this card. The set is retired and has 5 square borders, some flowers and leaves. It's cute. Really cute. I don't know why I have been neglecting it. The size is just right for 3x3 cards. I was so excited to buy it and it was such a good deal...I HAD to have it. This seems to be a recurring problem of mine...anyone else have that trouble?


Rebecca said...

It's a problem to buy things that are a good deal? haha! Yes, my husband could tell you that! I love the red ribbon on here, it's a great card for a son!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

I think this card is gorgeous! And a problem? NO! You dont have a problem! Sounds more like a fettish! :)

Deck The Halls-A Happy Valentines! said...

I love a great deal! Yes, it's recurring for me also! I love the card! What a great Mom!