Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Funky Forest

This is another card from the 5-10-15 class I had this week. I was trying to use alot of the items that came in my starter kit to show my friends and this Funky Forest wheel, handle, and ink cartridge also came in it. {I got to choose which wheel and ink cartridge for my kit.} We used Always Artichoke and Vanilla cardstock with an Always artichoke ink cartridge. I love trees so I picked the Funky Forest wheel.Wheels are great...I would really recommend them for mass quantity projects like Christmas cards. They make it so fast and easy to whip out alot of cards in a short time. The Stampin' Around Wheel Guide is a great tool to use with the wheel as it helps keep the paper from moving. They are also alot of fun to play with!
Sorry I didn't get to post a card yesterday..I had computer issues.

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Rebecca said...

I love the wheels, too! It's a quick easy way to cover a lot of ground fast!
I like the artichoke and vanilla combination.