Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cookie dough brownies

Do I need to say anymore than that? What's better than cookie dough...and brownies? Put them together and this is what you get:
I made them for a fundraiser so Brent and I only got to split just one. I had to test know... to make sure they taste ok. {they did} Too good. I may need to make a pan for us now!


Rebecca said...

If these are even a quarter as good as your cookie dough truffles (and they definitely look and sound like they are), I may be in trouble. I'll have to remember to get some choco chips so I can give these a try. And I LOVE the recipe card to go with them. It's perfect.

Lorri said...

AWESOME BROWNIES!!!!! LOVE them, keep up the great work with awesome recipies, Laurie!!! Mmmm

Lorri said...

PS. Now I need to go looking for the cookie dough truffles based on the above comment...LOL