Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter dinner dessert

I saw this cheesecake in a magazine a long time ago and stuck it away to try someday. I dug it out for Easter and I'm so glad I did! It was decadent!

The only thing I would change is the crust..I much prefer regular graham cracker crust than chocolate. I can taste the cheesecake better or something. I'm not sure why. The texture was perfect and the chocolate layer awesome. Brent and I scarfed down the leftovers like crazy!


Anonymous said...

I made this exact same cheesecake a few weeks ago and you are right-it is to die for!!

Rebecca said...

Sounds super yummy! I'm with you, though. I like the regular crusts a lot better, too!

Stamp and Smile said...

OK Laurie... I'm sure going to gain weight surfing your blog... LOL! Very YUMMY and super cute recipe card!