Monday, June 22, 2009

BBQ Burgers

"WOW," was what I said the first time I bit into one of these burgers! We're nuts about BBQ sauce and put it on everything. This BBQ sauce is SO tasty! I love the idea of putting it right into the patties before you grill them. So much'll like them! This week I will be posting more recipes I plan to make for the 4th of July. {Well, actually that weekend sometime as I usually work over the Holiday now. In the summer I work at an Americana gift shop. If you want a summer job around here you need to be available for the summer holidays when the tourists are in town!} In the past we often had a big picnic with friends or family when the kids were still living at home. Now it's whoever is around and which day that weekend we can eat together!

For this recipe card I used some paper I call, "moms kitchen table." We had this checkered pattern tablecloth on our table for years. I was so excited to find some one day while browsing at Craft Direct. I bought several sheets. I thought it would go well with my 4th of July picnic recipes. Although the paper reminds me of mom....she never served burgers on the 4th. We always went to the park at the lake and had hot dogs, potato salad, chips, and angel food cake. I LOVED her potato salad..but have never been able to make it the same as she did. She always added some sweet pickle relish juice. She never wrote down the recipe...just always threw it together. I will be sharing a potato salad recipe from Paula this week.....check can never go wrong with Paula!


Rebecca said...

I love the paper that you used, and those gorgeous buttons! When I have all the ingredients, I will have to try these for my husband....he LOVES BBQ, too. I can't wait to see all the other recipes, too.

Susan (peebsmama) said...

That tablecloth paper is perfect for a grilled dinner recipe.