Monday, June 1, 2009

Swedish kringler

Look at this almond delight! I just can't say enough about it. The almond taste in this pastry type bar is out of this world!
Once I brought this to the staff lounge where I work and set it down on the table. I went back a half an hour later and they were GONE! I hadn't even had a chance to cut them! Either people were starving or they were that good. I prefer to think they are that good as usually wherever I bring them they disappear quickly. I spread mine out on a cookie sheet...the way I was taught..but some people make them into an oblong shape. It takes some patience to spread them thin on the cookie sheet...I use water on my fingers for less sticking. My family really likes almond flavor, so I make these often.


Rebecca said...

I love this recipe card. It is just gorgeous! Your little flower button on the ribbon is a great touch.

Stamp and Smile said...

They look so tasty!! Cute recipe card... SMILES!! :)

Anonymous said...

I luuuuv almond flavoring! These sound so darn yummy that I must try them even though I shouldn't.

Dale said...

I am going to try this receipe, it looks just delightful.
Laurie I was wondering what is the finished size of your recipe card? You mentioned about putting them in a scrapbook...single pages?
I just have to tell you again your work is mouthwatering and so beautiful.

laurie said...

Dale, The size of my recipe cards are 6x6 and I have 6x6 scrapbooks. I have several!