Friday, August 28, 2009

Spicy Farkle

My daughter and her fiancee {oops..husband now} like to play Farkle. Actually we all do. They also like spicy foods. When we saw this Spicy Farkle game we knew we had to get it for them! So I put this gift basket together for her brother to give them. It's got hot sauce, BBQ sauces, horseradish mustard, zesty salsa dip mix, and of course the spicy farkle game and a pocket N.D. Farkle game. I think they'll like it! I added a scallop circle tag with wedding bells stamped on it to the ribbon.


Dale said...

I have never seen Farkele before but then again I shy away from hot/spicy foods so not sure it is good for me but sounds interesting.
How thoughtful and fun of you to give the newly weds this "just becasue" gift basket.

Lemondrops Simple Stuff said...

Very clever gift idea! This Farkel game is soo very popular! guess I better learn how to play. :)

Rebecca said...

What a great little gift basket!!! Very thoughtful.