Thursday, December 31, 2009

Garlic Buns

This is another recipe from my daughter that we loved... they are so good! I served the buns with my spaghetti casserole, and the next day I had some leftover ham so I made sandwiches with them, too. I doubled the recipe, some I left the regular shape and some I cut in half and reshaped into smaller balls. I like how quick and easy they were and I especially like the garlic flavor.
Tomorrow is New Years already!

One of my New Years resolutions is to get ahead making cards that I actually NEED. I need a ton of Birthday,Thank you, and Sympathy. You'd think with all the cards I make I would have enough on hand. But this card maker never seems to have any! How does that happen?
I'll let you know if I keep that resolution.....


  1. I absolutely LOVE visiting your blog every day! Your recipes are the best...thanks for them. I've tried many and they have been delicious! What is spaghetti casserole? The rolls you make to go with that look great!

  2. Good luck on your resolution! LOL! And these rolls look delicious. I love garlic, and rolls, and most of your recipes ;)

  3. Hi! Thanks for reading my blog!Look for spaghetti casserole on my sidebar under recipe pages main dishes. We love it! Laurie

  4. Laurie we would love to see your sphagetti casserole recipe on your blog soon. or e-mail it to me. Hope yu are staying warm!