Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Kisses

Did you buy a bunch of these little red tins last year after the Holidays like I did? I decided to fill this one with Hershey kisses and remembered I had a sentiment stamp that would fit perfectly for this.
I just made some cookies with these candy cane kisses. They are VERY good. I'll try to post the recipe tomorrow. I love new recipes and this one was alot of fun. I am off to my cave to finish a few projects and wrap gifts!


Rebecca said...

Oh, I love these candy cane kisses. My son used to hate peppermint, but now he loves it, and he and I ate tons of these kisses the other day. Can't wait to see your cookie recipe!

Dale said...

What a sweet idea Laurie. I haven't bough any of these kisses this year (well not yet) just because I am the only one to eat them. Can't wait to see your recipe card Laurie.