Thursday, January 14, 2010

Love you box

Hi! I'm on a roll making valentines's another little box I cut out using one of my new cartridges. I added a wide oval stamped with "Love You" {from Well Scripted} and also a felt heart. I plan to stick a few chocolates inside!


Rebecca said...

Every time I see this font, I just have to smile. It's so pretty! I love the tissue paper with lip prints on it!

Lorri said...

Oh man I've been away from a blogs for awhile and look at what I missed! LOVE your posts, these are awesome! I came by looking for next week's recipe for my classes. LOL Got some stamping ideas to boot! LOVE LOVE LOVE your awesome blog! PS. I'm SO THANKFUL you have a sidebar with catagories, saves me so much time! I don't like it when blogs don't have that!

صَـدَى الـهَـمَـ،،،ــآآآآت said...

Very beautiful