Friday, April 23, 2010

Black Beans????

Believe it or not these brownies are made with a can of black beans! Sounds strange I know, but I had to try them! I saw them on the show, "The Doctors." It was one of the Dr.'s Birthday and they made him some of these as a healthy alternative. I have to say these were really good. I like ALL things chocolate and this is a way to get veggies in besides! You could not taste the black beans at all. Brent liked them too..but he put ice-cream on top of his!


Rebecca said...

I have to say, I've seen a similar recipe, and made it for my friend (a chocoholic!) and she loved them. I was freaked out because I knew the beans were in there, even though I couldn't taste them. I need to try them again, I guess ;)

Susan (peebsmama) said...

One of my fave recipe blogs had a recipe for black bean brownies but I haven't yet had the nerve to try them. I love beans of all kinds so I wouldn't be turned off by that. But even with the extra nutrition of beans, that still makes a lot of brownies for only two people and when we have sweets in the house, we eat them all pretty quickly. So that kind of defeats the purpose of making them healthy.