Saturday, November 6, 2010

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree....

This little tree reminds me of the tree my sister picked out one Christmas when I was little. Our family always loved to go cut down our own tree each year. It was so much fun! I love trudging through the snow to find that "perfect tree!" My mom hated the cold and usually stayed home and made popcorn balls and hot chocolate for us while the rest of us went with Dad to get the tree.

 That year my older sister was sick with a cold and had taken some medication. She was really drowsy, dull, and just plain out of it! She probably should have stayed home in bed. Anyway, she INSISTED on us cutting down a crooked tree with branches missing here and there. So we did. {I think she just wanted to hurry and get one so she could go home and sleep.} It was definitely not the "perfect tree!" But she thought it was.

It was a funny looking thing, but we all had fun laughing and decorating it anyway. She still gets teased about that tree. My brother refers to it as, "Dull's Choice." But actually, it made a great family memory!

I stuck a green shimmery star brad at the top and used some red stickles for the bulbs.

 Guess who I'm sending this card too?


  1. This is adorable! Love the CAS style is has, and the story that goes with it is too cute! I love the holidays and the memories they bring to our families.

  2. Your story reminded me of our Christmas trees as a kid too, thanks so much for sharing. Julia

  3. Your card is so cute. I see that this is more than just a card - it holds a lot of good memories for you. That is heartwarming. Thanks for sharing your card and story.

  4. Very cute tree image and story to go with it. I like the CAS style and embossed lines.