Sunday, January 9, 2011

Valentine Wreath

I made this with some leftovers from a Christmas card project back in December. I had planned to make another card just like that one, but never did.

When I was cleaning up all my Christmas stamps I found it and decided to turn it into a Valentine wreath instead. I punched out some tiny real red hearts and add a red bow with a red heart button in the center. I stamped the sentiment in SU black.

This was the Christmas card I had made:


  1. Oh Laurie, this card is so elegant looking. What a wonderful talent you have. Your cards look so professional and I know how 'easy' it is for you to do this and quick! I'm jealous:-)

  2. Oh what beautiful elegant, I love this look :) x

  3. Simple and so very elegant! I really like them.

  4. This wreath looks pretty for either holiday.