Friday, November 15, 2013

Stampin Up Christmas Lodge

This summer I found SU's Christmas Lodge set at a rummage sale. It's one I have always wanted, so I was pretty excited.

I made this easy Christmas card with it. I just stamped with not quite navy and then used the Label collection to cut out the silver border. I have seen several cards similar to this on Pinterest and wanted to give one a try!


Nanny's Pansy Patch said...

This card is so pretty - reminds me of Xmas in Vermont. I like how you used the label collection.

Mary said...

Very pretty! Wish I had that kind of luck :)

Kim Richardson said...

Beautiful Card! Where up north are you? I'm in Grand Rapids MN :)

Trish Cooke said...

Oh my gosh, Laurie, this card is beautiful. I'm wondering how you did the silver edging,is that precut? By the way, I live even further north than you, I'm in Northwestern Ontario. We just got a foot of snow over the last 36 hours. Most of the roads are closed... a good day to stamp!