Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beautiful Day

I woke up to this! I know I complain about the cold and snow all the time, but really, it was just beautiful this morning. I had to go get my camera. Some of the snow has already melted since I took this, but the flakes are still falling softly. I plan to run over later and get some of my stampin stuff I left over at Peg's the other day. I finally took a picture of the goodie bag she made us:

How cute is this? She really uses her cricut alot as you can see. I think my favorite is the card with the Martha Stewert fern punch with the Krackle bar sticking out through the window. Notice I didn't eat it yet! She even gave us alittle bag with some ferns she had punched out for card candy. However.... I did eat the M&Ms from the brown packet with the orange leaf on it. Sorry! Gotta have chocolate! There is Kleenex inside the pouch with the flowers on top. How did she know I had a cold? I am going through Kleenex like crazy. So anyway, thanks again Peg for all the fun and the fun goodies! You are a great hostess! When can I come back?


Rebecca said...

That snow has me cold just looking at it! brrr. I love all the creative things you've shared with that fern punch!

diane said...

The view out your livingroom window is breath taking. Aren't we lucky to live in 'God's country'? Get well and over that hacky cough!!!