Thursday, March 26, 2009

Card Swap

Here are some of the cards from the card swap this month at work. This month was Thank you. {I should mention that the card with the squares up above was designed by SU demonstrator Yvonne... one of the girls made at a workshop of hers.}

Some used their cricuts as you can see!

I forgot to keep one of the cards I made, but this is similar except I stamped "Thank you" instead of "from the heart." I used my FAVE die, flower daisy #2.

The card with the large flower is actually a pouch...clever idea! As usual I enjoyed ALL the cards. Great job everyone! Next month is "thinking of you."


Susan (peebsmama) said...

These are all nice but my fave is definitely the big red flower. It fabulous.

Rebecca said...

I agree with Susan. The red flower is fantastic. It's so pretty! I'll bet a lot of people out there are loving using that die right now.
You asked about my "Just Because" stamp on my blog. It's a stamp from The Angel Company. It was a free with purchase ($30.00 I think) stamp. I couldn't decide what to pick, but figured just because could be good for so many occasions.

Stamp and Smile said...

Such beautiful card creations!!! And that Daisy card you made... Wow'za! I'm putting that die on my wish list. I was in St. Cloud today and did some shopping at Crafts Direct. :) (I shopped controllably for the most part!!)

Well, the word "caulking" on my last post you asked about, should have been CHALKING! So GLAD you brought that to my attention as I just fixed it... LOL!! I wasn’t awake enough this morning when posting!