Saturday, August 22, 2009


These were so much fun to make! My daughter found this sea shell mold at Michael's. We thought it would be fun for mints at the wedding.

I've made mints for many weddings...including my own. They were all flowers and leaves so the shells were fun for a change. I think this mold was meant for pouring melted chocolate in, but it worked well for the mints too. I usually used a rubber mold so I wondered if this would work. The trick was to dip a piece of the mint mix in sugar then pat it into the mold. A few times I had to use a knife to get them out but most came out easily.

They taste great!


  1. Love the look for a outdoor wedding. Will you post the recipe, later?

  2. Well, guess I wasn't looking at the blog very closely!! dah!!! I see you are ahead of me - recipe already there...... It's early morning its my only excuse...

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  4. I love the sea shell mints! What a great idea. They look terrific. And I love the colors, of course ;)

  5. I have a ton of those molds and would never thought of making mints thanks for the idea:)