Sunday, November 29, 2009

We Three Kings

I made this "simple" Christmas card today. I used bashful blue, navy, and white, and added a dew drop to the star. The sentiment is embossed with silver. It was simple..but I had to redo it several times! I kept getting navy ink on the white paper. It was very frustrating! I finally figured out where the ink was coming from though. My stamp mat! So I cleaned it.

Then I decided my cave was just getting too messy and I cleaned THAT up. It took most of the afternoon, but I actually was able to get alot done afterwards!


  1. I love the silver embossing on this. It absolutely makes the card so perfect. Don't you hate stray ink. I have messed up too many cards that way!

  2. Fantastic Christmas cards you have posted lately... very sweet and simple to reproduce them. TFS Laurie and enjoy your evening! :)