Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last day!

Hi! Today is the last day of school and I made some treats for my two "roomies" I share a work space with.{we work in the Autism program}
My daughter had been to the Mall of America over the weekend and stopped at our favorite craft store there. She picked out some paper for me and I used it for these. She picked out such awesome paper! I was so excited..and then she pulled out this:

I got even more excited! I guess she knows me well...paper and cheese cake....what could be better?

I had better get going....I don't want to be late for the last day of school!


Diane said...

You are on top of every occasion - how do you do it??

Gail S. said...

Really cute paper! Daughters are wonderful :)

Rebecca said...

What great little gifts for the last day. That paper is so bright and cheery!!! And cheesecake...YUM!