Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Catch you later" cricut card

Good morning!

I've been doing alot of fishing lately so this "caught" my eye when I was cutting out stuff from the Just Because cricut cartridge the other day.

We've been out on our pontoon catchin' lots of sunnies and crappies not to far from our dock. I love eating fresh pan fish! 

I haven't fished for years, since my dad used to take me out when I was a kid. Brent used to fish quite a bit but hasn't for several years.  So.... we decided to get our licences this summer and spend some time on the lake fishing. We got them just in time,too, the night BEFORE the Minnesota government shut down! What a mess that was...I'm glad it's over!

Sunglasses, my lucky fishing hat, poles, poor little minnows, tackle box, and  a couple of cold ones is my idea of nice, relaxing, sunny summer day!

Catch you later!


MaGoooo said...

Laurie thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a sweet comment! Yes we did have lots of FUN!!

I hope you catch some dinner! Stay as cool as you can out there today!

I LOVE what you did with the CUTE card!! Goes perfectly with your plans for today.

HappyPlaceJen said...

What a fun visual you created of you fishing! Post a pic! This card is really cute! :) Jen